Feel Comfortable Presenting To Investors

Investor Presentation Coaching & Rehearsal

Strategic Discussion & Critique

Work With a Highly Experienced Equity Analyst* To Fully Understand Investor Requirements

Investors are inundated with Teasers,  see numerous Pitch Decks, and have wall-to-wall meetings with companies looking to raise capital. If you do not understand core investor and investment requirements, it is likely you will be at a severe disadvantage in putting your message across/getting noticed

Work with us to:

Hone Your Business Strategy To Maximise Returns

Get Your Message Across To Investors

Develop An Investor Mindset

Feel Comfortable Presenting To Investors

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*Mark Hawkes (proprietor). Formerly a media and insurance equity research analyst and a Director and Deputy Head of Equity Research at Charterhouse Securities ('CS')/Charterhouse Tilney, then Head of Pan-Euro Media Research at ING Financial Markets post CS's takeover by ING.  Significant experience in investor presentation, and of honing the skills of others in this regard. Experience covers companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large quoted entities.