Helping Businesses Understand Investor Requirements

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How We Help

Strategic Discussion

Is your strategy aligned with investor requirements? Will it deliver an appropriate valuation within the required time-frame - will you deliver the rate of return appropriate to the type of investors you are targeting? Let us probe the strength and consistency of your strategy in a non-critical environment

Presentation Practice

Potential investors may have spent little or no time researching your company prior to your initial presentation; you need to recognise quickly how much attendees know and be able adapt what you are saying to the requirements of your audience, in order to increase your chances of a successful outcome, in particular to explain succinctly to the less prepared, exactly what your business does. Not easy to adapt 'on the hoof', but practice makes perfect.

Relevant Messaging

Is the investor methodology/mindset embedded in your own psyche, so that every conversation, every message you deliver is appropriately structured and relevant? Does it come naturally? We can help you to get to that point.

Understanding Investor Jargon

Sitting in a meeting with investors, without understanding not just the definitions of investment terms, but what they really mean, can be daunting. Likely you will lose confidence and this will affect your participation in a meeting, or performance in a presentation. It won't help investor perceptions of your professionalism - if you don't understand basic investor language, why would investors believe you understand how to maximise their returns? If you can't put in the limited effort needed to understand investor language, how can they be confident any part of your business receives the appropriate attention? Work with us to understand, quickly, core terminology and how it really just addresses basic , probably familiar, concepts that you already understand.

Mark Hawkes (proprietor). I was formerly a media and insurance equity research analyst and a director and Deputy Head of Research at Charterhouse Securities ('CS')/Charterhouse Tilney, then Head of Pan-Euro Media Research at ING Financial Markets post CS's takeover by ING.

I have significant experience in investor presentation, and of honing the skills of others in this regard. My understanding covers companies of all sizes, from start-up to large quoted.