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We run a number of workshops, which are very much tailored to smaller audiences (ideally, just to one client) and can also create workshops for your specific needs.

Pitching to and liaising with investors (1)

A practical workshop

While this workshop presents an overview of valuation and investor language, the emphasis is very much upon the practicalities of pitching to professional investors – what they are actually looking for/what they are likely to be thinking.

By looking at the way investors view and value your business, this workshop might also cause you to reflect upon the way you run your company and how you might refine your corporate strategy.

These workshops are aimed at individual companies, and to a small number of people at a time (typically the MD and FD), in order to address the particular requirements of those companies and individuals, and also to enable an open discussion.

Outline of the workshop

Presentations form the backbone of the workshop, but the emphasis is very much upon questioning and discussion on the back of those presentations, in order to ensure that attendees get the maximum benefit, tailored to their individual requirements.

Similarly, presentations can be tailored as required, in terms of both content and timing (it might be, for example,  that an afternoon and evening, or even morning and evening, session might suit better than morning and afternoon), but the core topics covered include:


Part one – a framework

A basic overview of valuation (and investor ratios)

Practice compared with theory

Part two – understanding who you are talking to

A Fund Manager’s day

How is a fund manager judged?


Part three – the sharp end

What are investors looking for?

What would an investor see as being the key drivers of and issues with your company?

How might investors therefore value your company?

Presenting to investors

Pitching to and liaising with investors (2)

Present to us

This workshop follows on from: Pitching to and liaising with investors (1) – a practical workshop.

Implement and build upon the knowledge gained in the first workshop and isolate any shortcomings in your investment logic by making your presentation to highly experienced investment professionals in a critical, but friendly, setting.

The workshop is aimed at individual companies and a limited number of people, typically the CEO/MD and CFO/FD, to allow frank discussion in a discreet environment.

The workshop can also be taken in isolation, particularly by those executives more experienced at making presentations to professional investors, who are comfortable with investor language and valuation techniques, material covered in the first workshop.

Outline of the workshop

This workshop and can take two forms, depending upon the requirements of the individual company – either a formal, stand-up, presentation and following Q&A, or the far more common round table discussion with fund managers (where a two-way discussion will usually commence pretty much straight away as the slides are being presented).

The course can be tailored to your own business requirements, in terms of content/emphasis, timings and location.

Session one

Presentation and critique

Session two

Implementing changes to the physical presentation

Session three

Making the presentation again and further critique

Other workshops

We can also run custom workshops on areas such as:

Financial jargon

Economic reality vs. accounting rules Cashflow


How an investor might look at your business

Reality testing/common sense – setting realistic parameters

The value of simplicity in modelling


In addition, we can tailor workshops to your specific needs.


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