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Our entire approach is based upon enabling our clients to better understand investor requirements, so, for retained clients, informal and formal coaching is an integral part of our service. Whether your requirement is one-off or ongoing, we can enhance the effectiveness of your investor communications by working directly with you.


Pitching to and liaising with investors (1); a practical workshop


Pitching to and liaising with investors (2); pitch to us

We can also provide tailored coaching on issues such as:

  • Understanding financial jargon
  • Economic reality vs. accounting rules
  • Cashflow and its importance to investors
  • Valuation – how an investor might look at your business
  • Reality testing/common sense – setting realistic parameters
  • The value of simplicity in modelling
  • Numeracy

Presenting to investors

We can help with many aspects of investor presentations, including:

  • Presentation framing and rehearsal
  • Investor releases
  • Business plans
  • Forecasts
  • Marketing material/messages

We can help with the origination of these materials, but believe it is important that managers retain ownership and are not merely paying lip service to an externally produced document.

We will refine and draw out the key factors that will be important for investors and help companies to think through strategy in terms of their shareholders’ objectives.

This not only helps in framing investor documents and presentations but also translates directly into the strategic planning process, helping to improve the alignment between shareholders and management.

Perception of Strategy

It can be easy to lose sight of the investor perspective on a corporate acquisition or change of strategy that might be months in the planning.

Often, these major strategic shifts are judged within minutes of being announced to the City. We use our many years of experience to help clients understand how these perceptions are formed.


In transactions that take months to put together, factors irrelevant to investors can assume disproportionate importance. Conversely, issues that directly affect shareholder value can become ‘sidelined’ in the rush to completion: acquisition price being an obvious example. Numerous cases exist of deals which have been dismissed as over-priced within minutes of being announced to the City, and even very experienced management teams can convince themselves that a deal is still good if they have committed huge emotional capital (and fees) to it.

A thorough understanding of the investor perspective can put such issues into sharp relief during the process and can ensure that the issues which really matter to investors are dealt with and communicated effectively.


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