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Our broad experience means that we can help companies across the range:

  • Quoted companies
  • Pre-flotation
  • Growth Capital

Quoted companies

How might investors view a change in strategy, or an acquisition? How should you explain disappointing results to the City, and what might the implications be? We offer an independent view, and complement the services of your internal or external IR team, helping you to get the right message across more effectively.

Pre-flotation (pre-IPO)

If you are considering accessing capital through a stock market flotation, we have significant experience in the quoted company arena. We understand the sensitivities of both fund managers (the buy side) and institutional stockbrokers (the sell side) and can act as a sounding board, alongside your other advisers.

Growth Capital

If you have done the hard work of establishing your business and are looking to fund growth, you may still be struggling to get your message across to potential investors. We have seen the best and the worst in investment pitches, and can bring decades of experience to bear on helping you hone your message, increasing your chances of success.

Corporate Advisors

  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Corporate Finance Houses
  • Institutional Stockbrokers

Corporate Lawyers

If you are a corporate lawyer we can help you to understand the fundamentals of valuation from a practical viewpoint. We can give you an in depth investor’s insight into a client’s proposal, or run coaching sessions for staff, clients, or both, on how to prepare an investment case. Either way we add value to your client relationships.

Corporate Finance Houses

If you are a corporate finance house focused upon the unquoted segment, our experience of quoted company markets should complement the existing services you offer your clients and increase your chances of winning new mandates. We believe that bringing our perspective to bear in the early stages of a capital raising process can significantly enhance the prospects of success.

Institutional Stockbrokers

We can work with your clients to help them understand the fundamentals of valuation and the expectations of professional investors. We can coach and advise your in-house corporate finance and corporate advisory teams, especially useful if they have a legal rather than a financial background, as well as your less experienced research analysts, away from the pressures of a live situation.

Investor Relations Professionals

If you are an investor relations firm, our years of sharp-end experience across a range of sectors could supplement your existing resource. We can offer a different but complementary perspective to your clients and help to ensure that your staff have the insights they need into investor behaviour to really add value to their relationships.

Comment – understand the day to day practicalities

What works in other segments of PR does not necessarily work in the City. One obvious example is that  burying bad news in the depths of a results release will usually make things worse rather than better.

Investment analysts operate under severe time pressures – if something is buried and an analyst has not seen it before facing the morning meeting, he or she is likely to feel very ill-disposed to the company when it subsequently emerges. Our view is very much that all important information, good or bad, should be right at the top of any results statement.

We can help you understand what investment analysts (sell-side and buy-side) are looking for and the practicalities of how they work.

075000 40559; mark@stragenda.com

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