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Using our background in investment analysis, we help businesses understand investor requirements

In order to get their message across as fully intended

That knowledge helps all the way from  formulating strategy to structuring investor presentations

Particularly strong in the Media/Tech and Payments sectors

… we have significant experience/knowledge across a range of industries

From private company investor readiness to quoted IR+

… working alongside and complementing your internal or external IR advisers.

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The first half hour of our first meeting with you, or the first ten minutes of the first call, are free – if you don’t think we have added, or are likely to add, any value, at that point we can just end the meeting: simple; friendly. If you do think we have added any value, and we agree on a fee for the meeting, you simply pay that amount and we proceed. We then progress with a similar philosophy: no hassle, no misunderstandings … . A partnership


Global Payments Announces the Launch of Heartland Analytics

New Platform Allows Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Performance – businesswire (16/10/2017)

Stragenda comment: nothing crazy, been going on for years, but another illustration of the ongoing march of payment incumbents: integration/full service/vertical (retail/hospitality) … whither (wither?) the space for the non-acquired innovators?

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