How might your company be perceived and valued by investors?

Enabling businesses to understand investors

Using our background in investment analysis, we help businesses understand investor requirements. 

From private company investor readiness to quoted IR+

… working alongside and complementing your internal or external IR advisers.

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In order to get their message across as fully intended

That knowledge helps all the way from  formulating strategy to structuring investor presentations.

Particularly strong in the Media/Tech and Payments sectors

… we also have significant experience/knowledge across a range of industries.


‘Pitch to us’/presentation rehearsal

We have sat through numerous investment presentations over the  decades, from both quoted and unquoted companies. One of our core offerings is where you ‘pitch/present to us’, enabling us to help you understand what investors are likely to be thinking, and why. This focuses your mind fully on their requirements, based upon an understanding of the simple underpinnings of valuation.

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